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Shelley Hulan

What are your five favourite texts?

Top Ten Canadian Short Stories (order likely to change depending on day and mood):

10. “You Think It’s A Stump, But That’s My Grandfather by Harry Robinson
9. “The Crow Procedure” by Stephen Marche
8. “Envoi: The Train to Mariposa” by Stephen Leacock
7. “The Third Generation” by Marjorie Pickthall
6. “The Boys Own Annual, 1911” by Margaret Atwood
5. “How the Mr. Foxleys Came, Stayed, and Never Went Away” by Susie Frances Harrison
4. “Mrs. Spring Fragrance” by Sui Sin Far
3. “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage” by Alice Munro
2. “The One About Coyote Going West” by Thomas King
1. “What Do You Want to Know For?” by Alice Munro

What would you be if you weren't an English professor?

If I weren’t an English prof: That’s easy—a log driver, or maybe the gal who waltzes with one. See the National Film Board for further details.

Option Two: Is there any call for professional hikers?